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Property Management Services

Property Management Services is REALVEST’s main core business. We provide expect
management services such as maintenance, compliance and all the scope of services stated in the
Strata Management Act 2013.

Building Management

  • Advising and attending to property maintenance related issues;
  • Security audit and formulating and monitoring of security policy, procedure
  • Landscape maintenance planning and upgrading
  • Liaising with residents, attending to complaints or emergencies which may arise from time to time;
  • Formulating and implementing preventive maintenance program for machinery & equipment plants and other building services; 
  • Designing and implementing building operation policies and system;
  • Formulating and implementing standard operating procedure for various emergencies;
  • Monitoring and supervising site staff, security, cleaners and other service contractors engaged to ensure that proper standards of service are attained at all times;
  • Engaging, instructing and supervising builders, contractors or repairers to undertake repair works;
  • Ensuring that operating expenses are kept to the minimum through budgetary control; and
  • Acting promptly in issuing notices of breach or non-compliance of any by-laws, regulations, house rules or notices of repairs. 

Insurance Management

  • Advising the valuation of building fire insurance prior to the expiry of the fire insurance policy;
  • Recommending requirements for other insurance policies; and
  •  Liaising with the appointed insurance brokers on all insurance-related matters.



  • Undertaking adequate reporting apart from the normal correspondence;
  • Monthly report on: –
    o Financial statement.
    o Report on debtors and actions taken.
    o Report on repair and maintenance works.
    o Review of service contracts performance.
    o General corrective actions undertaken, etc.
  • Annually report on: –
    o Recommendation for upgrading (if any).
    o Audited financial report.
    o Annual meeting.

Financial Management

  • Presenting an annual budget for the management and building operation of the subject property;
  • Collecting maintenance and other charges from individual owners by issuing bills to them on a monthly or quarterly basis. Taking necessary action, legal or otherwise, to recover arrears and other dues;
  • Analyze and recommending expenses
  • Monitoring closely monthly variance report according to the approved budget;
  • Preparation and submission of comprehensive monthly financial statement of account to clients;
  • Presenting monthly income and expenditure statement;
  • Monitoring and maintaining financial account at all times for all collections and disbursements which will be audited annually;
  • Plan and implementation of the capital budget
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