Building Manager

Job Scope :
  1. Coordinating and overseeing regular common area maintenance and repairs.
  2. Responding to inquiries and requests by residents and resolving any problems or issues.
  3. Ensuring facilities are following applicable policies, regulations, and building codes.
  4. Conducting regular common area inspections and preparing reports.
  5. Negotiating and liaising with third-party service providers.
  6. Preparing and monitoring maintenance budgets.
  7. Maintaining a safe environment for occupants and visitors.
  8. Preparing and carrying out emergency protocols and procedures.
  9. Managing and directing cleaning and security staff and activities.
  10. Daily assignment scope for vendors/contractors/MO
  11. Check report from a technician / guard/landscape/cleaner
  12. Liaise with a service provider, local authority, financial institution.
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