Building Executive

Job Scope :
  1. Assist the Building Manager who is overall in charge of and directly responsible for the planning, implementation, supervision and manage all of the buildings in charge
  2. Formulating and implementing with guidance and assistance from superiors.
  3. Ensure that the building is well maintained, properly run, clean and secure
  4. Overall responsible for supervision of the resident staff
  5. Responding to inquiries and requests by residents and resolving any problems or issues and update superior.
  6. Ensuring facilities are following applicable policies, regulations, and building codes.
  7. Managing and directing cleaning and security staff and activities.
  8. Daily assignment scope for vendors/contractors/MO
  9. Check report from technician/guard/landscape/cleaner
  10.  Go purchase hardware/electrical equipment for repair works common area
  11.  Liaise with a service provider, local authority, financial institution.
  12. Administer service charge, sinking fund collection and maintenance of building strata.
  13. Able to manage suppliers, control and monitor facility budget.
  14. Collect fees and control operational costs when appropriate.
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